Lift up your Remote support with Augmented Reality

Fed-up with calls, chats, and visits? Are you looking for a one-stop solution to assist your queries remotely? Then, your solution is here.

Remote Technical Support

Technicians can assess the issues with the user camera stream and guide with hand drawing, marking, or text in real-time. These AR annotations will appear over the user screen.

Collaborate Remotely without Geographical barriers

XRmeet allows customers to collaborate remotely by visually guiding the users to resolve the issues as they were on-site with the help of AR annotations.


Even more to Explore

Features available in our augmented reality based remote assistance solution.

AR Annotations

Overlays and displays in-situ information for users on the real-world object.

Live HD Camera Sharing

Two-way video and audio streaming between users and experts to resolve issues remotely in real-time.

Multiple Device Compatibility

XRmeet is compatible with multiple devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, and AR wearable's.

Freeze & Screenshot

Pause the screen amidst live sharing sessions and save data

VoIP & Text Chat

Make voice over internet phone calls and also use text chat

Safety Assurance

Avoid misinterpretations and ensure safety with AR instructions in real-time.

Create Session

Create a session to have two –way communication with the user and provide real-time remote assistance with the live video stream and AR annotations.

To start creating a session, sign in to the platform with the credentials you have signed up.

Add a new session. A link and a session code for joining will be created.

Share the joining link or the session code to the concerned person and start communicating with each other through live video stream and AR annotations.

Get Started

Join Session

Join the session with the link or 6-digit code and start the session with the live video stream and AR annotations.

Click on the joining link provided by the session user.

With the camera stream and AR annotations, communicate with the user without the location barrier.

Share real-time insights and inputs for better processing of situations.

Experience AR Remote Assistance in your Mobile

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